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How long will it take to record my project?

It depends on how much you want to record and how prepared you are to record. If you are straight to the point and serious about working, it is possible to have the majority of your recording done in a few days including overdubs. Once your recording is done, mixing will take place which can take a few days to make the project sound its absolute best. However, if a group is unprepared it can take days to get a few songs down and results in frustration between a band and then recording engineer.

How much will it cost for my project?

All prices are negotiable depending on your project and situation. However, tape costs $25 for 2 ADAT tapes running at 45 minutes simultaneously. Also, $10 for a DAT for mixdown once the final recording is made. Please contact me prior to discuss these arrangements.

Can we use anything in the studio?

Anything that you see in the studio is yours to use.

What should we bring for instruments and equipment?

Bring everything you would to a normal live gig. Bring lots of instrument cables since mine end up being taken by bands most of the time so I recommend bringing your own. Bring your own instruments with fresh strings that have been broken in for a few days, and new drum heads that are sounding good. We will tune the instruments to the point where it will sound excellent. You are welcome to use any instrument or amp in the studio, but to keep your own vibe working I would suggest using your own equipment.

How do you record bands?

We record the rhythm guitar, bass, and drums live, playing all at the same time in a live scenario. Once all those tracks are recorded the way you want them to appear on the album, we go back and overdub additional guitar parts including lead and additional rhythm, and any other instrumentation. Once that is complete, we record vocals for every track. Once all the tracking is done, we mix the album and you can have a real master of your work.

Can we record with you and mix somewhere else? Or vice versa?

You are welcome to record with me and then I will give you your master tapes to mix somewhere else. I would gladly take recordings you have done elsewhere and dump them into my recording decks, I would just need the original machine the recording has been done on and then we would work on it from there.

When are you available?

Please contact me at or call (978) 394-0694 to arrange studio time. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me and ask!